Annie-Rose London is a social artist who seeks to create raucous experiences of joy and pleasure to counteract systems of oppressive mind control. She draws together the fields of ecological design, community arts, and social justice through facilitation and performance. She has called herself a dancer, a performance artist, a burlesque clown, a ritualist, an educator, an activist, a healer – today she calls herself happy to meet you.

Your work was amazing. Your ability to help us navigate the process was astonishing. Your kindness was critical in building the atmosphere of trust and sharing, that helped us move forward!
— Ashoka Leadership Exchange Participant
I most enjoyed Annie-Rose’s facilitation process, she kept us on track and moving towards the source of my thought patterns. Annie-Rose creates a safe environment for delving into the core nature of your being and guides you through the process of reshaping yourself as you want to be.
— Omar Aquino, Coaching Client