Annie-Rose partners with educational, non-profit, and social enterprise organizations to facilitate staff trainings, organizational culture shifts, and leadership development. She brings an equity lens to all of her work, with a curiosity as to how individuals, teams and communities can practice liberation on a daily basis. Annie-Rose is a fierce ally for the human spirit, facilitating change at the personal, inter-personal and systemic level. Her influences include mind-body awareness, somatics, intersectional justice, experiential education, organizational psychology and expressive arts therapy. Much of her work is in collaborative facilitator teams, as well as an independent trainer.

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the art of creating a social container in which group transformation is inevitable. That container may be a meeting, a team training, a retreat or a coaching relationship. Facilitation is often used for: strategic visioning, addressing organizational culture, delivering trainings to adult learners, and conflict resolution.


Leadership Development:

Embodied Leadership

Equity-Driven Leadership

Work-Life Balance and Addressing Burn-Out

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Time-Management and Organizational Skills

Women and LGBTQIA Leadership

Organizational Culture

Align your organization’s internal practices with the values you seek to create in the world.

Strategic Visioning

Participatory methods to engage all key stakeholders in listening for the next steps you, and the world, need your organization to take.

Team Development

The strongest solutions come from collective intelligence, and collective action. Trainings empower individuals to transform into teams.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Annie-Rose holds a humble and loving container to create shared language, address internal power dynamics, and build a strong lens to shift systemic equity issues.

Social Permaculture

Bring principles of ecological design into your social environment.

Stakeholder Representation

Is your board, staff, and committees representative of those impacted by your work? Build a plan to bring the right people to the table.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is the greatest seed of possibility. Learn skills to turn your group’s challenges into your group’s power.

Intergenerational Relationship-Building

Our movements and our organizations are intergenerational, and with that comes plenty of opportunities for mis-communication and for healing. Harness the power of intergenerational relationships.

Annie-Rose’s facilitation helped us to re-engage with the leader within us, and use the workshop as a medium to communicate with our colleagues on multiple topics ranging from preferable working styles to strategies that can make us work together more efficiently than before.
— Ashoka Leadership Exchange Participant
I took away from this workshop the understanding that even though we are all doing similar work, that doesn’t mean that we think the same way, or that there’s a right or wrong way of doing things, everybody is right as long as they are getting things done.
— Puerto Rico Leadership Exchange Participant
One of my most important turnarounds was my attitude toward change. Change has always been a point of stress in my life, always worrying that the life behind the door of the future would not stack up to life in the present. After much discussion with Annie-Rose and reflecting on my experience with change, I came to learn that change is a positive, exciting, and essential part to life. I now look forward to the unknown that comes with altering life events and the ability to explore different experiences and mold them into what I want them to be.
— Sarah M., Events and Marketing